Accredited Training Courses on Offer

Rachelle Sales says:

“I’m so grateful that I found Kylie, I searched on the internet for hours before stumbling across kc plaits. I am always skeptical of buying online courses incase they are a scam but after emailing kylie once I knew that I could trust her.

I was so right! She’s been amazing from beginning to end, her instructions were so clear, and the training days just ran so smoothly, there were absolutely no issues or times when I felt uncomfortable.

Kylie made me feel completely at ease from the first moment I contacted her and I will be forever grateful for her excellent mentoring, it is quite clear that she has a passion for teaching and sharing her skills and if I were to ever recommend an academy to learn nails, I’d definitely recommend kylie.

It’s a shame I can’t give more than 5* because I definitely would! Thank you so much for everything xx”

Here at KCPB, we pride ourselves on offering an amazing training experience. I want you to go away feeling confident, happy, and excited about your future career in this wonderful industry! We offer a range of online and in-person training courses. In-person training tends to be offered on a 1-1 basis, while online can be offered both as 1-1 live training, or live group training, depending on availability. All of our training is accredited by the UK’s largest beauty membership and insurance service, ABT. We are also accredited by The CPD Accreditation Group. Our in-person training is also accredited by The Beauty Guild.

Hair Training

Being that I made a name for myself within the industry for bridal hair-styling, this course is always the popular option – Our Weeding & Occasion Hair Course.

In-person – £349 (inc. kit)

Online – £230 (inc. kit)

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Beauty Training

We offer a range of beauty training courses to suit everyone! Please see below details:

Lash lift & Tint (including Kit) –

This is a popular service that is low-maintenance and helps to enhance the appearance of the natural lashes by making them look longer and darker.

In-person – £230

Online – £195

Classic Lashes (including kit)

Lashes are an extremely popular beauty service for ladies of all ages. A lot of ladies feel as though they don’t need to wear any makeup when they have their lashes done. Unlike lash lift and tint though, they do require maintenance (which is good for you as it keeps them coming back time after time!)

In-person – £349

Online – £249

Definition Brows (including kit)

If you follow beauty trends, you’ll know that for the past couple of years, it’s been all about the perfect eyebrows! Definition brows offers this! For more details, Click Here

Online only – £230

Luxury Facials (including kit)

Facials are one of the corner-stones of the beauty industry. They have stood the test of time and don’t seem to be going anywhere soon! There are so many variations that you can offer to your clients, and the luxury offer the top level relaxation! For details, Click Here

In-person – £249

Online – £199


Makeup is another timeless service that ladies like for special occasions, especially their big day! For more details, Click Here

In-Person – £249

Online – £195

Nail Training

Nails are another timeless service that is offered within beauty. These services tend to be the ones that keep you clients coming back, time after time! We offer courses in:

Luxury Manicure (including kit)

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In-Person – £230 (inc. kit)

Online – £195 (inc kit)

Luxury Pedicure (including kit)

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In-Person – £230 (inc. kit)

Online – £195 (inc. kit)

Gel polish (Can be combined with Manicure or pedicure)

This can either be taken as a stand-alone course or as part of your manicure/pedicure training. For more details, Click Here

In-person – £149

Online – £95

Add-on – £49

Kit – £70 (optional)

Acrylic Extensions

Acrylic extensions are, by far, one of our more popular training courses. They’re such a popular service and allow for real creativity. Trining can be offered with or without a kit. For details, Click Here

In-Person – £230

Online – £195

Kit – £120 (optional)

Gel Extensions

For more details, Click Here

Online Only – £195

Dip Powder Nails

For more details, Click Here

Online Only – £195

Kit – £65